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Sewer Line Repair in Greenville SC 

Don't underestimate us when we say, we unclog your drains. We do much more than that. We work on a full range of sewer services, including the main sewer line repair, sewer line replacement, camera inspection, and sewer line cleaning. With a team of skilled technicians and expert plumbers in Greenville SC, we will never disappoint you. Sewer lines are concealed and invisible in normal inspection, it often goes unnoticed. Every plumber in Duckett Plumbing is trained to identify, repair, and replace damaged sewer pipelines.


Problems That Usually Occur With Sewers

Everything that you dump down your sink goes through a big channel of sewer underneath your house. The main sewer line of your home drain pipes eventually connects with the city sewer mains for proper disposal and requires a cleanout. You see the importance of a healthy sewer!  Sewer line problems arise mainly due to one of the following issues:

  • Backed Up Water - Oil or other fat-containing liquids when putting down the drain can clog your sewer lines which will eventually send the water in your sewer back up into your drain tubes.
  • Damaged By Tree Roots - Roots of Tree and plant growing underground can pierce through the sewer line and sometimes grow deep into the pipelines. This results in foul smell, blockage, and backed up water.
  • Pipe Corrosion - Ask yourself this question. How old are your sewer pipes? Old enough? consider replacement soon. After a certain period, your sewer pipes, tend to rust. Corrosion, holes, burst pipes are some of the issues that an old pipe generates.
  • Foul Smelling Sewer Gas - Smelling sewer gas in or around your home or building is an obvious indication that there is a split someplace in your sewer system. A clean sewer ought to be water/air proof wherever except for vent stacks on your rooftop, which permit the sewage to move downhill.

Sewer Services We Offer

  • Trenchless sewer - Our specialists utilize trenchless repair equipment to limit the aggravation to any of your property as we work to fix sewer lines. 
  • Standard sewer - Duckett plumbing offers a varied solution to your sewer problems. From pipe relining to Burst Pipe Hydraulic Replacement and pipe maintenance, our plumbers have seen it all.

We Install & Repair Your Sewer Lines

Avoid Sewer Problems

Don't use acid or other corrosive substances to clean the channel. It will disintegrate drainpipes and accomplish more mischief to your home's sewer system.

Keep water pressure low.  If the water pressure is excessively high, it will pressure lines and cause spills.

Keep pipes from freezing. To keep pipes from freezing in winter, permit water to trickle gradually from fixtures.

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