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Septic Tanks Repair & Installation in Greenville SC

Septic systems are invisible and unscented, hence hard to detect!

A well built and maintained tank could last uncertainly. In any case, the drain field will doubtlessly require some treatment or maybe substitution after around 15 to 20 years of usage. We are a team of skilled and experienced plumbers in Greenville, SC, and provide all sorts of plumbing services in the Greenville region. Septic tank plumbing is one such field where our plumbers have great expertise. We take every action possible to eradicate your problem. From cleaning sand deposit to maintenance. We also offer replacement and installation of the septic tank!

Common Septic System Problems

Grease, oil, napkins, plastic, and all these objects obstruct the drain and cause a clog. If you are experiencing a slow drain, it could be a clog. Leakage from the septic tank is hard to observe. If you find a single hint of discolor or flakiness in the tank wall, it's high time you reach out for a plumber. Slow draining is similar to water backup. This is more likely to happen If the drain has some debris in its path. Tree root invasion is another major problem for septic tanks. Since a septic tank is buried underground, there is a high chance of it getting poked by tree roots.

Here's How You Can Maintain Your Septic Tank

Periodic inspection - Note record of your tank and check for any burst pipeline or any kind of damages.

Manual extraction of foreign objects from the tank. If you feel something is obstructing the way of the drain, you are advised to manually extract the debris. Make sure you have turned off the water supply.

Don't use a harsh synthetic chemical to clean the tank. It will cause more harm than good.

Don't dump coffee ground, facial tissue, diaper, cigarettes in the tank. They will not decompose and cause a clog.

Don't Ever Pump Your Septic Tank.

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