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Repiping Services in Greenville SC

Confused whether your pipes need to be repaired or replaced?

It has been a common dilemma among every house owner: to repair or to replace their pipes. If it is you who is stuck in this dilemma, don't think twice before calling Duckett plumbing. Our team for piping and repiping has won many hearts, and we are sure we will win your trust too. With highly competitive and upfront pricing, we never compromise on the quality of work. We are equipped with, modern plumbing tools and skilled plumbers in Greenville SC, which makes us stand out of the crowd.

5 Signs On When To Replace Pipes

Repiping and piping are complicated tasks as compared to other plumbing issues. It needs a serious amount of hard work, time, and skills to complete the job efficiently. If you see a sudden rise in your water bills or your meter is constantly running, this is an indication that there might be a leak in your water pipes. Here are a few other signs:

Brown sediment in the water - Take a clear bucket and fill water in it. Check if the water is yellowish or brown. If yes, then it is a major sign that you need to replace pipes.

Wall stain - Wall stain is easy to detect. Lookup for brown or damp stain on the walls of the house. If the wall is flaky, you must get it checked by a plumber.

Old pipes - Worn out pipes are not capable of delivering the purpose for which they are used. If you recently moved into an old apartment, consider replacing the pipes.

Water blockage - and constant annoying sounds. The title explains it all. Never ignore the noise of water dripping or any other sound that is coming from pipes or sinks or toilet seats.

Any sort of water leakage - Whether the leakage is on a small scale or large, never take it for granted. They cause a huge loss of water, drop by drop.

Why Your Home Needs Re-piping?

  • It gives better protection against leaks and other plumbing issues. At least for the next few decades, you need not worry about pipe related problems.
  • Replacing old material pipes. Pipes usually have a lifespan of 50 to 70 years. It is always better to renew them beforehand.
  • Great advertising point. If you want to sell or rent your house, you can mention that the house has been recently repiped. This will increase the selling price and chances of it getting selected by the buyer.

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