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We Fix Broken and Burst Pipes

Burst pipes are a true nightmare for any house owner. Especially in winter, when the water is frozen in the pipelines, we can't help but need a plumber. Other reasons for burst pipes are age, pressure from external forces, internal water pressure, and clogs. Duckett Plumbing is one of the top burst pipe repair and replacement services in Greenville SC. Our experts will help to minimize any damage.

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A Nightmare Called Burst Pipes

Burst pipes are a nightmare. If not attended to in time, burst pipes may cause huge damage to your property, alongside hefty repairs or replacement bills. Pipes are the foundation of any plumbing system. It is important that our plumbing pipes are healthy and leak-free.

The worst aspect of a burst pipe is that they go completely unnoticed until the housekeeper notices a puddle of water on the ground. If the problem of burst pipes is not addressed sooner, it can cause a fatal accident and heavy inconvenience, plus hefty money loss from both pipe repairing and water utility bills. They cannot be repaired by laymen. Burst pipes are complicated.

A burst pipe has a high chance of causing damage in the future. Even if you repair your burst pipe this time, your pipe might ditch you again soon because it is not strong like it used to be.

Preventing Burst Pipes

There are some preventive measures that you can take to avoid burst pipes.

If you see a leak, immediately switch off the main water supply to avoid further leakage. When winter arrives, make sure to open the faucet so that the frozen water can melt, and pour hot water down the drain (remember not to use extremely hot water). You can also add insulation to pipes with heat-taped and thermostat-controlled cables. Periodical checks of interconnection and visible pipes are also advisable.

Duckett Plumbing is Just a Call Away!

We are happy to accommodate emergency services to our customers. You just need to contact us, and our experienced plumbers will reach your property with all the essential equipment. We can serve you even in the middle of the night. We not only repair broken pipes, but also install and replace pipes if needed.


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    “Good people are still out there. Thank you Scott.”

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