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Leak Detection & Repair in Greenville SC

Is your water bill higher than normal? If so, it might be a sign that your plumbing system has one or more leaks that need to be addressed. Leaks are hard to detect because most of the pipes are situated out of sight, we often neglect the leakage and after a while, end up paying for it - Both mentally and financially. With Duckett plumbing, you don't have to suffer.  With the most affordable and competitive pricing, our plumbers in Greenville SC are specialists in leak detection and will detect, locate, and repair the leaks efficiently.

Offering a Variety of Leak Detection Services

We offer you a variety of leak detection and correction services in Greenville SC and around. From dripping faucets to garbage disposal problems, everything is covered by Duckett plumbing. 

  • Kitchen Leaks - Kitchen is the heart of a house. We understand your love for a healthy kitchen and we ensure that with our quality leak detection services.
  • Bathroom Leaks - There is plenty of opportunity for a leak in the bathroom. From shower, bathtub, faucet, And toilet, we can tackle all of them.
  • Pool Leak Detection - We would love to work on your pool leak detection and correction. We are just a call away!
  • Leak Around The Drain - A leak around the drain is often due to burst pipes. Our plumbers specialize in repairing, replacing, and installing pipelines.

Leak Detection & Correction!

How to avoid leaks?

Leaks are hard to avoid but we can maintain it to ensure a longer life span of pipes. Regular inspection plays a crucial role in avoiding leaks. Check if the water pressure internally and externally is normal. High water pressure pierces the pipes. Use mild drain cleaner for drain cleaning.


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